ITCorpTech Clients Use Cases

ITCorpTech helped our dental clinic in Orange Park recover from a ransomware attack

“Shortly thereafter due to a breach in the server, an attack was opened against the main server which culminated in the exploitation of a port with a known vulnerability.  We immediately detected an attack that was in the final phase, thus having all the system disks and data fully encrypted, we could thus realized that we were facing a ransomware attack. It was asked for a ransom of 200 thousand dollars.  Reny started reinstalling the server and started the process of restoring all data that was sent to the cloud.  We were able to complete 100% of the process of retrieving the images, client data, and all databases for the main application”.

On Switerzland Animal Hospital, we provided security solutions to prevent potential threats

We needed a professional who would come and organize our structure, to have fewer interruptions in our flow of operations and focus more on our customers.  The first impression we had of this professional was extraordinary, on our first project we have an issue related to a security component, where there was one of our large pieces of equipment compromised, being attacked externally, and the author sent out random prints of documents wasting our resources.  Reny began to check our gateway with the internet provider and verified that there were open doors that gave access to internal equipment, immediately he started the configuration of our firewall and solved one of our big problems.

In partnership with him, we start to organize the structure of the company where we had outdated equipment and software missing updates. He detected problems we had, and start to streamline equipment upgrades getting all of the issues proactively solved.  ”

At Baymeadow Park Dental we offered efficient and effective solutions for organizing and correcting IT operations.

“Reny Souto started to give us support in 2020 to improve our IT resources and infrastructure. We needed to move the Panoramic 3D X-ray machine to a different room, due to building changes and renovations.  We reallocated the machine, but the system based on windows 7 has been corrupted! Reny with his IT skill could keep the system as that version, He could get the resources we need to keep that same system in order to avoid buying a new CT scan.  we figured out some resources that helped us keep the Windows 7 version and avoid more than 15k dollars spending on the new 3D machine. 

Another project we had at the office was an old windows domain controller server where we have to evaluate and check all the users administrated by that domain controller and do a Data migration. 

Reny carefully did an assessment check for all policies and rules we have implemented on the old server, so we could continue to have our environment updated and security in place. He did install and configure the new windows server 2016 server with the set of features roles to be able to secure our network back.  All the stations were connected with the network securely where we could centralize them in one place. 

The third project we deployed was the patch of the old rules on our SonicWALL Firewall. We have some rules and settings from an old company who managed our business before.  In order to fix that we have to change the settings and rules to protect the network which was exposed to credentials leak.

Reny took the step forward to enforce the passwords and user permissions registered to external connections to the office internal network, which they use to access remotely using SSL VPN. He did set up the new policies and put in place more secure connections and granular control over the network security. 

Reny implemented and managed our Microsoft 365 application environment, to use email and applications suite in our environment office.”

Orthodontics in Ponte Vedra, IT data migrations and operations

Reny started working doing IT improvements for our office, in 2019. When we have to migrate our server. He worked diligently doing all modifications needed to improve our network operations at our office. 

One of the reasons we were dazzled by Reny, was when we faced a major obstacle with the settings that should be put back to the new server recently migrated, which was a DOS application that ran command line and with a very particular configuration. Specific knowledge of this application was required, which used lines of code and system variables on older platforms.  We needed to adapt this software to our new environment, so that integrated into the customer management system brought both platforms to work as before.

We are very pleased with his support as a computer engineer, showing his ability to solve problems with the right solutions at a reasonable cost to keep our business running efficiently.

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